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WINAMP: Why The Most Popular’s Music App Has Failed?

After 16 years of existence, Winamp is still alive, but inefficient management has led to the unfortunate failure of one of the best music applications in nearly two decades. Let’s review the past few centuries through the ups and downs of this great digital music application.

“While many are busy creating playlist perfect for weekend outings on modern services or with iTunes, but for the past 15 years and beyond, that’s not true. That’s right, today we’ve revamped the interface of our best MP3 player – Winamp. This information was released on 24/6/2012. But finally, in November 2013, Winamp was closed.

Once upon a time, even when the high-quality MP3 music and popular on the Internet today – has dominated the market, the management, or play a collection of good songs of someone is really very inconvenient and frustrating.
And then Winamp appears – an MP3 player that can easily change the skin, can customize a lot of things with the mascot image of a llamas cam (named Mike) with the famous slogan “Winamp. It’s really whips the llama’s ass” which is inspired by a famous music video Wesley Willis. In the late 1990s, home-grown people downloaded and used Winamp; The camel traveled extensively around the world, and it was scrutinized and a large sum of money was quickly followed. AOL, a US-based Internet service provider based in Time Warner, bought the great app in June 1999 for a whopping $80-100 million, Winamp almost immediately lost its creative advantage.

The German scientists behind the MP3 format released their first decoder in July 1994, but for the next three years there was still the difficulty of sharing and finding the files. In 2008, Frankel shared on the Blog Digital Tools blog that he created Winamp “because that was the software I wanted to be able to use. “Winamp was based on the need to have a good and fun way to listen to MP3 on a computer, but it was not the first MP3 player, but before that, I was having a hard time when using the MP3 player”.

Prior to Winamp, there were not many MP3 players besides Windows Media Player or Real Player. However, in the mid-1990s, no application could do the basics of creating playlists, customizing visual effects and interfaces, nor being programmed as closely and effectively as Winamp.