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Top 4 Songs From Boy Bands Who Became Man Bands

Top 4 Songs From Boy Bands Who Became Man Bands

We all grow up at some point, but what happens when the boy bands that we used to listen to all the time grow up? Of course bands come and go, some split up never to join back up again, some drop in popularity and vanish into obscurity. Below is a list of some of the boy bands that we know and love that came back together after a split and reunion or two. Furthermore we’re only going to be covering the music from those particular bands.

Backstreet Boys “Permanent Stain” (2013)

Permanent Stain

Even though the Backstreet Boys have come back at this point, they did have a reunion in 2013 and released some songs. From them came Permanent Stain, a song that gave off some 90s vibes. Those vibes made some serious callbacks to the Backstreet’s hits during that decade with synths, bells, and of course their amazing vocals. At the same time there were some old school vibes, there was some newness to it as the Backstreet Boys never sounded like they sound in this song.

All in all this song provides both a flashback but also showed a sort of alternate-timeline where the band followed the cues of bands from 2 Unlimited.

The Jacksons, “Torture” (1984)

The Jacksons

Let’s go back to 1982 for this one. It was around this time that Michael Jackson became a massive pop star thanks to his blockbuster hit Thriller. After that success, he rejoined his two brothers for both an album and tour, returning to the roots where he first made a name for himself. Both experiences were disasters behind the scenes, however there was a lot of success overall from the songs played and the tour itself. Most notably was the synth-funk vibes of “Torture” that followed the lead single “State of Shock” which both hit the top 20s of the Billboard Hot 100’s during the time. Between those two, “Torture” remains the most notable hit.

New Kids on the Block, “Remix (I Like The)” (2013)

New Kids on the Block

NKOTB’s ode to an upgraded girl in this song also served as an ode to the band’s volume 2 revival. Although this song didn’t quite make it to the Top 40, however the song is still worthy of praise considering what the band has gone through. This song in particular prompted the band to throw away the teen-pop anthems they used so much and went for a rawer adult pop-soul, sprinkled with EDM too just to make it suitable for radio at the time.

Take That, “Shine” (2006)

Take That

Although their “Back for Good”-era cameo on US charts won’t ever be replicated again, Take That pretty much picked the best time to pick up where they left off about a decade ago. They’re comeback came in the form of two singles topping charts in the UK in 2006’s album Beautiful World. Between the two songs, the one that sticks out the most is “Shine”. It gives off all sorts of vibes that remind us of “Hey Jude” from The Beatles. Paired with some chorus that also makes a callback to some of Lily Allen’s work in “Who’d Have Known?” this song is an interesting one.