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Epic Skater XL Soundtrack Revealed

Skater XL wanted their songs to reflect that they take pride in giving players unparalleled freedom in expression while skateboarding. Each band was chosen thanks to their sound blending well with the gameplay and street vibe.

The announced list of artists on the soundtrack include:

  • Animal Collective: Animal Collective has been making music for 15 years with 10 studio records and three live records. Their music is the combination between a love of sonic free form electronic horror gospel and hip hop soul pop madness.
  • Modest Mouse: Formed in the mid of 1990s, Modest Mouse are most famous for their platinum-selling album Good News for People Who Love Bad News. They became a hit with the punk-inspired rawness and lo-fi post-rock sound.
  • Band of Horses: Band of Horses is an indie rock band that was created from the 2000s. The band has a woodsy midtempo rock feel and are most famous for the album Everything All the Time.
  • Interpol: Emerged in the early 2000s, this indie rock band has helped to kick-start post-punk.
  • Future Islands: Known for inserting cookie monster vocals into electropop songs during their live performances, Future Islandsgot their start in 2003 while they were attending East Carolina University’s art program.
  • Getter: Getter is one of Tanner Petulla’s projects. Their music features rhythmic baselines.
  • Silversun Pickups: Debuted in 2005 in Los Angeles, Silversun Pickups is an alternative rock band. Their most favorite song is Swoon released in 2009.
  • Built To Spill: Built To Spill was one of the most famous indie rock bands of the 1990s. Their music is a middle ground between postmodern, loose jamming, and Pavement-style pop.
  • Starheadbody: Established by professional skateboarder Evan Smith, Starheadbody is a music collective featuring experimental compositions.
  • Cende: Starting playing together in 2013, this trio became widely known as an indie rock band delivering power pop.
  • Kratos Himself: Kratos Himself is famous for moody soundscapes inspired by his homeland’s forest and countrysides.
  • The Shivas: The Shivas is widely known for their explosive live shows dissolving the barrier between the artists and the audience.
  • Westkust: Westkust is a Swedish indie pop band featuring yearning vocals and swirling melodies.