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SHAUN – The Owner of The Super Hit ‘Way Back Home’

The days of Shaun’s Way back home are causing chaos in the Korean music charts, not only that the hard-edged EDM also conquers the hearts of musicians around the globe.

Quickly becoming “digital music monster” as soon as debuted, over the Ddu Du Du Du of the Blackpink and Dance the night away of TWICE, Shaun stumbled into suspicion of cheating achievement.

The pressure from public opinion and JYP’s (TWICE’s parental company) on digital music fraud has led Shaun to face some psychological problems. At the same time, a video recording of Shaun’s performance in the big bar in Seoul was posted. The show was filmed on July 15, before digital music frauds erupted.

In the video, a lot of people listen to the lyrics of Way Back Home. Even when Shaun turned off the music and stopped singing, the crowd was still singing along. He shared the thoughts on Instagram personally: “I hope no one will be hurt when the truth is revealed. I know it will be difficult to heal the pain, so I want to apologize to everyone who has hurt in the past. I want to quickly find clear evidence, sorry for making you hard work. But it was still a long way until everything was clear. Thank you for always helping me through the hard days, I will try to be strong. ”

Although Melon’s agent has stated Way back home does not show signs of fraud but Shaun still not get rid of the brick from the netizens.

However, the success of Way ack home is not coincidental. With a highly addictive tune, this EDM sucks listeners right from the first time. Shaun has officially hit all-kill with Way Back Home, becoming an up-and-coming singer in 2018.

Few know Shaun is a famous EDM artist in Korea. He is behind the success of many big names of Kpop such as EXO, BTS, f(X) and Epik High. Shaun is also the DJ on stage at the closing Olympic Pyeongchang 2018.

And until the beginning of this year, Shaun officially appeared as a solo artist. Their debut album Take is known to the public thanks to “super hit” Way back home.