Ong Seongwu Shared Thoughts About His Solo Album LAYERS

After Wanna One disband, not focusing much on continuing to sing, former member Ong Seongwu impressed the audience when he encroached on the acting field. The male lead in the school drama Moment at eighteen helped Seongwu become more popular. And recently, the fans were extremely excited when the agency Fangio announced he would release his first solo album. Ong Seongwu has set a time to officially release his first solo album.

In particular, Ong Seongwu has set a time for the official release of his first solo album on March 25, 2020, called Layers. Currently the company and Ong Seongwu are in the final stages to prepare the best debut album for fans.

Ong Seongwu in this album may be a Ong Seongwu that you are familiar with or someone you have never known. However, it will be a Ong Seongwu always steadfastly advancing at his own pace. He uses his own emotions, skillfully putting in his music perfectly. Each class in the mind built LAYERS with songs that followed each other just like that name. With this album, everyone can listen to music and feel a little of the experience and true feelings from Ong Seongwu himself.

Although Ong Seongwu is extremely busy preparing for his solo album, he still perfectly shows the concept in Vogue Korea April 2020. The confident and bold styling that overwhelms the studio.

Ong Seongwu shared with Vogue that this is his solo album. If it does not contain his own story, what is the meaning? He will stand on stage, perform and act alone. There are so many things to keep in mind during the process of finishing this album. Many things happened in the past year, those feelings, and what he felt later. This album he just focused on himself. He did not want to give up even though the process was difficult. It was fortunate to be able to finish it, not sure whether the fans will receive this album.