Is Chinese music strong enough to reach out the world?

From around 2016 on wards, the whole world witnessed innovations in Kpop compositions to match the tastes of global audiences. And the result of that innovation is the affection from new music markets, especially the tough market like the US. Korean music songs also contributed to prestigious charts like Billboard. Besides, there is also the question: What is Chinese music doing when only Kpop music race to the top of the world music charts?

Although China is the second largest economic power in the world, behind the United States, it has no financial need to promote Chinese music around the world. China does not like to set the United States as a benchmark to pursue, but they do not have Facebook, prohibit Google and set up their own Weibo social site. As for music, too, they like to develop themselves and “play” in their own entertainment industry.

Specific numbers can prove the answer: four giants’ music platforms offer Chinese Tencent entertainment and Internet programs, including: QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing, has connected 800 million visitors a month, compared to 207 million hits to Spotify. According to the International Recording Industry Federation, China’s music sector earned $ 292 million in 2017, an increase of 35.5% compared to 2016. This helped China become the world’s 10th largest music market. .

But when it comes to Chinese music, can China become a musical phenomenon like Korea has been doing?
Chinese language music refers to pop music, including: Mandopop music (Quan Tho mass music), Cantopop (Cantonese popular music) and Taiwanese music.

Many cult stars such as G.E.M, Zhang Liang Ying have a voice that suits Western tastes. They also compose songs in Western music style. Especially some of Yolin’s songs are easily confused with the Scandinavian musicians’ hits. For example, the song “MØ” and “Lykke Li” is easily mistaken for foreign music without lyrics in Mandarin.

Unlike other Chinese artists in not looking for a new musical path in the West, singer Ruhan Jia made her debut in the United States with the guidance of the American agency but has not caused much buzz . But some other stars, like Wang Lee Hom, have achieved much success in the Japanese market.

As Chinese music is increasingly accessible to international audiences, the global music market will be more bustling than ever with epic music parties.