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Taylor Swift Ended Contract with Big Machine Records

Universal Music Group will buy Big Machine Records for $ 300 million, but the price includes Taylor Swift’s exclusive music management contract in the future.
Taylor Swift expired her contract with Big Machine Records in November. This is the first and only contract of a female artist’s career with a record label since the beginning of her singing career so far. Signing the contract at age 15, the “snake princess” has been with Big Machine Records for the past 14 years.

Recently, Universal Music Group (UMG) – one of the three largest music companies in the world – has offered to buy Big Machine Records (BMR) – the Taylor Swift management unit for $ 300 million. Of course, this “huge” price offered by UMG on the condition that “Look What You Made Me Do” must continue signing the contract with BMR.

According to Billboard, Taylor Swift met and discussed with many other record labels in the US to find a suitable “roof” in the future. Even Big Machine Records has negotiated with the singer about the re-signing of the old contract but has not reached an agreement. As one of the artists with the most “album” sales in the current US market with more than 32 million copies and a tour revenue of millions of dollars each year, Taylor Swift naturally became a character that any entertainment company wishes to have it.

However, Taylor Swift also offers a hard-to-accept “claim” to Big Machine Records in particular and other record labels in general if she signs a new contract. Specifically, the singer is expressing the desire to monopolize the copyright of all her music products instead of giving it to the management company.
Currently, the percentage of revenue coming from the collection of copyrighted songs by Taylor Swift has accounted for between 25% and 28% of her total revenue. That means Big Machine Records is earning about 75% of its profits from digital music and selling Taylor Swift’s physical album.

“At this point, the Taylor Swift needs is no longer money. She seeks ownership of her works in the name of herself. It is her own gray matter and effort throughout 14 years. past year “- Lawyer representing female singer sharing with media.

BlackPink Performing In The World’s Largest Music Festival- Coachella

On January 3, the music festival is rated as the world’s largest “Coachella” has officially announced the list of artists to perform at the show. BlackPink was honored to be the first Kpop girl group to appear at this festival.
Today, 3/1, the music festival is rated as the world’s largest “Coachella” has officially announced the list of artists to perform at the show. BlackPink was honored to be the first Kpop girl group to appear at this festival. BlackPink will perform at this event on April 12 and 19. It seems that after Jennie’s series of scandals and Kai’s recent dating scandals will affect BlackPink’s work plan, but the group is even going to America, standing on the same stage as the big US-UK artists like DJ Snake, Ariana Grande …

“Coachella Valley Music and Arts” is an annual art festival that takes place in California, USA. Since 2001, the Coachella festival has been held annually and is increasingly receiving a lot of public interest. About Kpop representatives, besides BlackPink there is also the appearance of Hyukoh band. The famous Hollywood stars also come here to immerse themselves in the music and art space.

In particular, BlackPink will perform at this event on April 12 and 19, with DJ Snake and other cult stars such as Ariana Grande, Khalid, Zedd, Diplo, Childish Gambino, Billie Eilish, Ella Mai and Tame. Impala … That’s why fans are looking forward to the combination of BlackPink and US-UK artists, especially DJ Snake.

Recently, a fan posted on Twitter about the combination of BlackPink and DJ Snake at “Coachella”. Unexpectedly, DJ Snake clicked like this status line, making fans more hopeful about the expected combination:

– “90% is BlackPink and DJ Snake will combine!”.

– “As an artist in the same house, the combination is not too surprising.”

– “Really looking forward to the combination of these two artists”.

– “Will it be a” DDU-DU DDU-DU “new version?”.
Last October, YG Entertainment made an official announcement about Black Pink’s new contract with Universal Music Group’s Interscope Records. Accordingly, all Black Pink activities outside of Asia will be managed by Interscope and Universal Music Group. This is also the management company of DJ Snake. Therefore, the fans added the hope that the stage between BlackPink and DJ Snake will appear at “Coachella” in April.

Billboard Top 100 Best Songs of 2018

Billboard page has just announced the top 100 best songs of 2018, including many famous names from European American music bands such as Cardi B, Lady Gaga, Drake, … or IU and BTS – representing Kpop.
Recently, Billboard has officially announced the list of Top 100 Best Songs of 2018. A series of familiar names have “stormed” the charts or reached “tremendous” commercial sales. appears in this “golden board”. In particular, the most prominent are Travis Scott, Drake, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, … or 2 representatives from the land of Kim Chi, IU and BTS.

With the hit song “I Like It” in conjunction with J Balvin & Bad Bunny released on May 29, female rapper Cardi B has surpassed a series of other popular names to “take” the # 1 spot on the board. This ranking of Billboard. It is a song from Cardi B’s debut studio album, “I Like It”, which has been an excellent number one on the Billboard Hot 100. This record also earned Cardi B the record for the top female rapper. The first in history has 2 songs ranked No.1 on this chart, besides the hit “Girls Like You” combined with Maroon 5.

The song ranked No. 2 in Billboard’s Top 100 Best Songs 2018 is Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode”. Ever since its release on August 21, the song is in Travis Scott’s third studio album “Astroworld”, which has received much love and support from music lovers. This hit also excelled in bringing its owner with high achievements, especially the No.1 position on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100.

In addition, the only two Korean representatives included in Billboard’s top 100 best songs of the year 2018 are IU and BTS. With position # 22 and the song “FAKE LOVE”, talented boys from the BTS group made the fans more proud. It can be said, “FAKE LOVE” is a hit that has taken BTS’s name further in 2018.
Besides, IU’s cute song “BBIBBI” also made the top 100 with # 87. “BBIBBI”, though not being promoted aggressively, but seeing the achievements that this song brings to its owners, also makes many people have to “submit to the ambush”.

WINAMP: Why The Most Popular’s Music App Has Failed?

After 16 years of existence, Winamp is still alive, but inefficient management has led to the unfortunate failure of one of the best music applications in nearly two decades. Let’s review the past few centuries through the ups and downs of this great digital music application.

“While many are busy creating playlist perfect for weekend outings on modern services or with iTunes, but for the past 15 years and beyond, that’s not true. That’s right, today we’ve revamped the interface of our best MP3 player – Winamp. This information was released on 24/6/2012. But finally, in November 2013, Winamp was closed.

Once upon a time, even when the high-quality MP3 music and popular on the Internet today – has dominated the market, the management, or play a collection of good songs of someone is really very inconvenient and frustrating.
And then Winamp appears – an MP3 player that can easily change the skin, can customize a lot of things with the mascot image of a llamas cam (named Mike) with the famous slogan “Winamp. It’s really whips the llama’s ass” which is inspired by a famous music video Wesley Willis. In the late 1990s, home-grown people downloaded and used Winamp; The camel traveled extensively around the world, and it was scrutinized and a large sum of money was quickly followed. AOL, a US-based Internet service provider based in Time Warner, bought the great app in June 1999 for a whopping $80-100 million, Winamp almost immediately lost its creative advantage.

The German scientists behind the MP3 format released their first decoder in July 1994, but for the next three years there was still the difficulty of sharing and finding the files. In 2008, Frankel shared on the Blog Digital Tools blog that he created Winamp “because that was the software I wanted to be able to use. “Winamp was based on the need to have a good and fun way to listen to MP3 on a computer, but it was not the first MP3 player, but before that, I was having a hard time when using the MP3 player”.

Prior to Winamp, there were not many MP3 players besides Windows Media Player or Real Player. However, in the mid-1990s, no application could do the basics of creating playlists, customizing visual effects and interfaces, nor being programmed as closely and effectively as Winamp.

The Greatest American Rock Groups of All Time

The United States has a varied and rich history in the world of rock & roll. From the early blues days to the glam metal days of the 80s as well as the grunge movement during the 90s, United States have managed to inspire millions of music fans across the globe for several decades.

While the Heartbreakers, Tom Petty, the E Street band, and Bruce Springsteen certainly deserve recognition for the greatest rock acts from America, we are only looking at collective bands instead of solo artists. So, from punk pioneers to folk rock icons, let’s take a look at the greatest American rock bands of all time.


Nirvana managed to unite a generation during the 90’s when Kurt Cobain instantly became the unlikely poster child of the disenfranchised, disenchanted 20 somethings of the times. Their keen pop sensibilities and finely-crafted songwriting gave the band an inter-generational musical appeal that other alternative rock bands could never manage.

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys managed to blend unforgettable pop melodies with surf rock and stunning harmonies to create a musical niche of their own during the 1960’s. Their joyous songwriting was unmatched and completely set them apart from others. Pet Sounds from 1966 is undoubtedly the most praised album ever released.


No one could do stadium rock in the same manner as Aerosmith during their prime. The band was initially formed back in 1970, and their longevity is impressive by itself. Dream On was their first Top 10 single which was released in 1976, while I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing was certainly their biggest hit which was released in 1998.

The Eagles

The band managed to sell more than 100 million records in the United States alone, and their music remains extremely popular for the last five decades. Their soft rock hits, such as Hotel California and Take it Easy is some of their most popular songs that incorporates marvellous songwriting and beautiful harmonies along with slick guitar playing.


R.E.M managed to combine indie, stadium rock, and country to create the most compelling music during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Michael Stripe as frontman, along with Peter Buck as lead guitarist, underpinned the band’s sound since they first made music in 1980 until they split in early 2011. Whether you enjoy the idiosyncratic material from the early days or their breakthrough success with albums like Automatic for the People and Out of Time, the band offered plenty to discover with their music.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses are hard rock legends that managed to earn the reputation of the most dangerous rock band in the world during the 1980’s. Appetite for Destruction was their debut album that managed to sell more than 30 million copies across the globe with Sweet Child O’ Mine as the standout single. To this day, the band remains one of the most successful groups in their generation.

The Highest Paid DJs In the World for 2018

It’s no surprise that a fair amount of DJs are making a staggering amount of money to simply mix a few bangers for a couple of hours to 20-somethings in one evening. While times have certainly changed from 80’s and 90’s music, the urge to get down to techno and deep house favourites have certainly not. More and more dance festivals are popping up every year and DJs are earning more and more money in the process, walking away with a mind-blowing six figure amount each year. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful DJs in the industry and the amount they earn annually.

Calvin Harris – $46 million

Calvin Harris’ major success comes from his studio albums released in the last few years, such as Wav Bounces Vol. 1 which features artists like Snoop Dogg, PartyNextDoor, Jessie Reyez, Lil Yachty, DRAM, Khalid, John Legend, Katy Perry, and Travis Scott to mention but a few. There’s also talk of a sixth studio album on the way in early 2019, ensuring Calvin Harris remains at the top of the highest paid DJs in the world.

The Chainsmokers – $45.5 million

The New York duo has only been active for the last six years but has already become a household name in several countries across the globe. #Selfie was their debut single which managed to hit the Top 20 in multiple countries, but it was Closer in 2016 that really placed them on the scene. They managed to rake in over $45 million in 2018, and we’re expecting that this will increase as the years roll on.

Tiesto – $33 million

Tiesto is the second oldest DJ to make our list, after David Guetta and is considered one of the greatest DJs in the history of mixing and is also considered the grandfather when it comes to EDM. Tiesto has a total of 5 studio albums and is currently enjoying immense success with his “I like it loud” EP with collaborations with Matisse & Sadko as well as MOTi.

Steve Aoki – $28 million

Founder of the Dim Mak label, Steve Aoki has jumped up a spot from 2017 but seemed to have dropped by almost $2 million since last year. However, we quite sure he doesn’t mind too much as he still managed to rake in $28 million in 2018. Steve Aoki also impresses with five studio albums with more albums in the pipeline for 2019.

Marshmello – $23 million

Marshmello is the only masked DJ to make our list in 2018. His real name is Christopher Comstock, and besides DJing, he is world-renowned for his YouTube show known as Cooking with Marshmello. You can see him cooking up a storm with friends in the kitchen, including Paula Abdul.

Zedd – $22 million

Zedd is a Russian producer that was born in Germany and managed to earn $22 million in the last year. He released a second album in 2018 called ‘True Colours’ and is constantly touring around the world where most of his income stems from. He also has a third album on the way for 2019.

From Evolution to Revolution – 2018 Popular Music Trends

From Evolution to Revolution

Each year the music industry is going through changes. And, as it continues to evolve different trends are emerging year after year.

This year, new standards for successful hits, the growing influence of social media and the music fans preference for music that seem to appeal in a more personal level are shaping the trends of music.

Below are the popular trends that define the music trends this 2018:

  • 2018 Is the Year for Live Music

There is no doubt that this year, live music will make yet another major headway. Recently, music fans are remarkably up to spending more time than they usually do in live music crowds, with some of these solid supporters willing to travel into different places just to witness their favorite artists conquer the stage live.

Popular artists are in fact lined up to grace the stage with their live tour performances this 2018. Among these music royalties with highly anticipated concerts this year are Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5.

  • Latin Music Is Making Waves Anew

Who aren’t familiar with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito? The song was a massive hit dominating global hit charts back in 2017. And this year, music with Latin roots continues to steal the hearts of music fans with reggae ton and samba hits style smashing billboards. Think Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’, ‘Wild Thoughts’ by DJ Khaled and Jennifer Lopez’s comeback ‘El Anillo’. Truly, Spanish language proves to be universal in the music scene.

  • Break through Artists Are Stealing the Limelight

Have you noticed that more lesser-known artists are slowly rising into mainstream attention these recent years?

Well, this trend is just getting more and more noticeable this year 2018. This is largely due to the fact that talent costs for popular hitmakers have continually skyrocketed. It is no longer new for concert promoters to include budding music performers to complete the list of their festival productions. Fans are therefore getting more taste of broad diversity and fresh talents. And, it seems like this is more appealing to them.

  • Move Over Pop Music – Hip Hop Artists are Ready to Take Over

Have you looked at the music charts and streaming platforms lately? It’s beginning to get more conspicuous that pop-inspired hits are starting to lose their appeal to the music fans.

Instead, hip hop artists are now dominating the hit charts. Thanks in part to the growing number of younger listeners with greater inclination to hip hop-inspired genres. Hip hop artists are definitely flourishing this year and slowly the music industry is doing away with pop music.

  • Backstreet Boys are back? Nope. Not exactly. But Boy Bands are Exploding.

This year new generation of boy bands seem to be gaining more attention in the music industry. From One Direction to 5 Seconds of Summer and now to the fan-fueled global sensation the Korean boy band BTS and the Latin boy group CNCO, it appears that boy bands are making a comeback and are increasingly enchanting the music charts across the world.