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Benefit from music to sports

Over the last many years, advancements in technology have allowed music to grow into being an effective intervention to attain quite a number appropriate psychological and performance effects among athletes. Researcher in the subject of songs in game and exercise, Dr Costas Karageorghis has often explored the psychological, psychophysical, psychophysiological, and ergogenic outcomes of song:
The psychological consequences consult with how tune influences mood, have an effect on, emotion, attitudes, cognition and behaviour.
The psychophysical effects of tune contain sensory responses to physiological approaches. In music associated studies, this includes the perceptions of bodily effort and is most customarily measured thru the rankings of perceived exertion (RPE) scale.

The psychophysiological consequences of song relate to the have an effect on of song on quite a number physiological elements, along with heart fee and breathing rate.
Song exerts an ergogenic effect when it improves physical overall performance by using either delaying fatigue or growing work capability. This often consequences in higher than expected ranges of patience, electricity, productivity, or electricity.
In assist of theoretical research, many famous athletes have been visible the usage of music to beautify their performance. as an example, the yankee swimmer Michael Phelps, who gained 7 gold medals and set five international data at the 2007 FINA International Championships, reportedly listened to hip-hop track before his races so that you can get targeted and psyched up . This involved narrowing his attention to attention on rapper Lil’ Wayne’s lyrics “Yes, I’m the best, and no I ain’t high-quality, I’m exact I recognise the game like I’m reffing it”
When accompanying training and workout routines with tune, researchers have recommended assembling a large choice of acquainted tracks that meet the subsequent six standards so that you can obtain advantages to performance:
(a) Sturdy, energising rhythm; (b) fantastic lyrics having associations with motion (e.g., “I’m gonna make you sweat” by way of Snoop Dogg); (c) rhythmic sample well matched to motion styles of the athletic pastime; (d) uplifting melodies and harmonies; (e) institutions with game, workout, triumph, or overcoming adversity (e.g.. Heather Small’s ‘Proud’, used within the London 2012 Olympic bid); and (f) a musical fashion or idiom suited to an athlete’s taste and cultural upbringing. Pick out tracks with exceptional tempi, to coincide with change low-, medium-, and high-depth education.
Studies has shown that song may be handiest when played on the point when workers reach a plateau in paintings output.

While devising your own music playlist for training, it’s far essential to take into consideration the kind of attitude you need to attain for a particular workout. as an instance, British rowing Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell, used the continual rhythms of the crimson warm Chili Peppers in the course of training and his pre-event ordinary. consequently, in case your actions are regular and rhythmic, the track ought to not have fluctuations in temp; instead, it must parallel the velocity of your own moves. as an example, in case you are warming up on a gym bike at a tempo of approximately 65 rmp, business dance song, normally within the variety of a hundred and twenty to a hundred thirty bmp, is ideal as you can take 1/2 a pedal revolution to each beat of the music (Karageorghis & Terry, 2011).

Summer music festival: A time of passion

In the summer, adventures suddenly come. On the journey to discover new lands, sometimes, music is a companion, sometimes a destination. Music festivals such as a magnet attracting all “believers” in the world refer to a relationship, every year, every year is as passionate as any year. There are thousands of summer music festivals in the world, especially big festivals like Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Okeechobee … people have to buy tickets early until half a year to be sure to participate.
The outsider looked at why some people had to go halfway around the Earth just to mingle with a hysterical crowd, dance and scream incessantly in ear-splitting music. But life is very balanced, there are people who like to stay at home reading, listening to music without words, then there must be people who like to step outside, enjoy the great sound and break all the distance with them. people.

Music has a strange ability to connect. People do not need to talk to each other, do not need to know each other’s name, do not need to come from the same country, just “burn” all their own to follow a music, shouting the name of an artist, that means having the same gu, same hobby, same sympathetic rope; That means people are close to each other from instinct even when they haven’t met.

The heat of the sun (or the limelight) and the heat of hundreds of people make the air thicken, the cells are burned, the blood vessels burst into each bass, but the nerves relax. , cool water-like melodies bath the soul. Everything is put aside, now is the time of music!

Since ancient times, people have gathered together to enjoy music. The phrase “festival” first appeared in English in the middle of the 16th century, originating from the “feast” (party) usually held in the harvest. Music has played an important role at such mass cultural gatherings.

Earlier, from the 6th century BC, Pythian Games in Delphi, Ancient Greece was probably the first example of music-related festivals. Pythian Games, the forerunner of the Olympics, includes performances of dance, art and music, held to honor the god of music Apollo. Celtic and Gaelic cultures held cultural fairs 1000 years ago, named Mods in Scotland and Feis in Ireland, in which lively music-based dance competitions were the main content.

In 1952, Rhode Island held the Newport Jazz Music Festival attracted 13,000 participants and was considered the beginning of a long history of festival culture in the United States. Along with the development of musical genres, summer festivals are also associated with many different political and subcultural events. From Jazz, Pop, Rock, EDM … to hippie or indie sounds, music festivals can please all believers, while marking the prevailing trends of the era.

Why do music festivals usually take place in the summer? If in the past, this was a respite after the Winter-Spring harvest, nowadays, Summer is associated with trips. Summer is a great time to organize outdoor activities. After a gloomy winter and lazy Spring, after heavy snow and persistent drizzles, one must go to the mountains to the sea, plunge into the crowd on sunny days, wearing clothes It’s cool to enjoy this youthful atmosphere.

Music festivals are not only a place for artists to show their talents in front of audiences around the world but also a combination of many activities: camping, food, art exhibitions, cultural exchanges, Light shows, team games, pool parties … take place over many days, over a large area of ​​thousands of square meters. All create a vibrant, bustling space, blazing with passion and full of life that many people want to experience once in their lives.

Music That Figure Skaters Brings to Olympics 2018

The change in background music in the figure skating sections at the 2018 Winter Olympics once made the public particularly excited. Many figure skating athletes choose hit songs to perform as background music.

International Skating Union has adjusted the rules to allow figure skates to perform with music for the first time in the history of Winter Olympics. Thanks to this change, this year’s Olympic Games Pyeongchang athletes will have the opportunity to show the movements on the music chosen by themselves.

While casual skaters have used vocal music since the late 1990s, figure skating boys and girls are still limited in the context of nonverbal music. Therefore, bringing music with words into this subject is considered a fair decision, which marks the change towards the younger audience.

Canadian athlete Eric Radford shared with Billboard that this decision allowed athletes to have more choices. This is something that has never been before. That is probably one of the most important decisions for an athlete.

Here are some examples. French contestant Mae Berenice Meite uses Beyonce’s song “Run The World” and “Halo” in her contest. The host Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin from the host nation of Korea performed the super-hit music contest “Despacito”. And France’s Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès perform the contest on Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain” music.

According to Amazon data, the amount of streaming of some old songs suddenly spiked because they appeared in the arts slide contest at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Amazon’s representative said the movie Moulin Rouge or Coldplay Their songs achieved an impressive amount of streaming over the past few days. Moulin Rouge soundtrack helped a couple of athletes from Canada win a gold medal this year.

It can be said that figure skating is now not only a sporting event but also a spectacular, diverse and colorful music show. There, the audience can find the once-glorious songs, from the thorny rock songs of the 90s to the deep pop songs of the 2000s.

A Deaf Girl Became The Voice US 2019

The victory of the deaf girl Maelyn Jarmon at The Voice US 2019 pleases the audience. She received $ 100,000 in cash and other valuable prizes.

The Voice of America Finals took place on May 21 (local time) as the competition of the four most outstanding candidates of the season. With overwhelming votes, Maelyn Jarmon came from Texas. The remaining positions belong to Gyth Rigdon, Detex Roberts, and Andrew Sevener respectively. The reward of the 26-year-old girl is $ 100,000 in cash and a recording contract with Universal Music. Sharing before the press, she was moved to say that she owed her friends a lot. Her success today thanks to their efforts.

With this achievement, Maelyn Jarmon brought the first victory for singer John Legend as a coach. At the same time, she became the first deaf candidate to be crowned The Voice American program. On the final night of the contest, Jarmon performed his powerful vocals through the song Wait For You, Unforgettable and Hallelujah. The emotion-rich voice with high-pitched professional notes helped her conquer the hearts of the audience.

Maelyn Jarmon was born in Frisco, Texas. At the age of 2, she placed a plastic object in her ear that caused puncture of the atrium. According to the doctor’s conclusions, Jarmon is deaf in his left ear and his right ear is about 80%. However, that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her passion for music. Jarmon began studying singing at the age of 13 and moved with his family to New York four years later to perform on Broadway. She claimed that deafness is her superpower.

The 16th season of The Voice US aired NBC channel from February 25, attracting thousands of students to register for the contest to show their singing talents. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend are coaches of the season.

What is inside Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival?

Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival has just been held successfully with the participation of tens of thousands of people. What is the attraction of this music festival?

Singer Travis Scott recently returned to his hometown in Houston, Texas to host the first Astroworld Festival . In recognition of this event and the ongoing contributions of singer Travis Scott to the city, Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston City Hall announced on November 18 every year to be Astroworld’s day.
According to NRG Park, about 40,000 people participated in the hip hop and Houston culture celebrations. Besides the outstanding performances of La Flame, Post Malone, Young Thug, Rae Sremmurd, Sheck Wes, Virgil Abloh and many other artists, including legend Bun B, Slim Thug and Paul Wall have also stepped onto the field. Exactly with the unexpected performance of all Houston stars.

Also, in remembrance of the undeniable influence of legendary Houston-Screw DJ, a Screwed Up Records pop-up store was held inside the festival with a completely identical version to the original.

What makes AstroWorld more unique than other music festivals is the true element of a festival and a memorial to the city of Houston. This amusement park was closed in 2005 after 37 years of operation. Many H-Town-born and raised residents visited and attended Astroworld, making it a major remodeling of the community. The ability to bring Astroworld back to the life of the new generation and the old generation can both benefit the city and contribute to Houston’s financial growth and a way to show respect for the rich music history of they. With the participation of many new H-Town artists and building more aspects of this festival, Astroworld has great potential to become long-term in the future.
Interestingly, the event took place right in front of Astroworld theme park, which was the inspiration for the theme of Travis Scott’s 3rd album. Wishing to bring about the magic and imagination of a once-very-popular amusement park, singer Travis Scott re-operated classic games like ferris wheel, drop tower, carousel and Other lucky games, taking them to name Travis Scott’s songs and putting them into the lyrics.

Prizes for lucky games include previous trips by singer Travis Scott, Jordan’s collaboration products and copies of NBA 2k19. But the most impressive attraction is definitely the 35 ft high observatory, with specially designed 4K-HD projection that makes the participants feel like they are floating in that space and accompanied by Astroworld album.

Listening to Music Can Improve Your Workout

All cultures know music as a spiritual supplement. In addition, music has great potential for human health. Choosing the right music will help you walk, jog, dance or practice any sport more easily and efficiently.

Improve sports activities

Music can make the sport more like a hobby than a job. Moreover, music improves physical activity. Many people said that when they were just playing and listening to music, time went faster. 4 key hypotheses that explain music make exercise easier: Reduce fatigue, increase nerve stimulation, create a physiological relaxation response and improve motor coordination.

Improving the motor function and coordination of the body

Music reduces muscle tension and improves body movement and coordination. Music can play an important role in the development, maintenance and restoration of physical function during the rehabilitation of patients with motor disorders.


Listening to fun music is a great way to get more energy working. Music can effectively eliminate fatigue due to physical activity or fatigue symptoms caused by monotonous work. Always remember that listening to too much pop and hard rock can make you more restless than energetic. Listen to a variety of music and find the music that best suits you.

Increase productivity

Music can really improve your productivity. According to a report in the journal Neuroscience of Behavior and Physiology, the ability to perceive human images including letters and numbers is faster when they listen to rock or classical music at work.

Reduce stress and provide a sound sleep

Relaxing classical music is a safe, inexpensive and easy-to-find tool to cure insomnia. Many people with insomnia find that Bach’s music is beneficial to them. Scientists have shown that just listening to relaxing music about 45 minutes before going to bed, you can have a sound sleep.

Relaxing music can help you practice yoga, self-hypnosis and perform other stress relief exercises more effectively. As a result, you feel energized when you exercise and recover from your workout and help break down the fatigue when you take a dip in the bath.

Is Chinese music strong enough to reach out the world?

From around 2016 on wards, the whole world witnessed innovations in Kpop compositions to match the tastes of global audiences. And the result of that innovation is the affection from new music markets, especially the tough market like the US. Korean music songs also contributed to prestigious charts like Billboard. Besides, there is also the question: What is Chinese music doing when only Kpop music race to the top of the world music charts?

Although China is the second largest economic power in the world, behind the United States, it has no financial need to promote Chinese music around the world. China does not like to set the United States as a benchmark to pursue, but they do not have Facebook, prohibit Google and set up their own Weibo social site. As for music, too, they like to develop themselves and “play” in their own entertainment industry.

Specific numbers can prove the answer: four giants’ music platforms offer Chinese Tencent entertainment and Internet programs, including: QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing, has connected 800 million visitors a month, compared to 207 million hits to Spotify. According to the International Recording Industry Federation, China’s music sector earned $ 292 million in 2017, an increase of 35.5% compared to 2016. This helped China become the world’s 10th largest music market. .

But when it comes to Chinese music, can China become a musical phenomenon like Korea has been doing?
Chinese language music refers to pop music, including: Mandopop music (Quan Tho mass music), Cantopop (Cantonese popular music) and Taiwanese music.

Many cult stars such as G.E.M, Zhang Liang Ying have a voice that suits Western tastes. They also compose songs in Western music style. Especially some of Yolin’s songs are easily confused with the Scandinavian musicians’ hits. For example, the song “MØ” and “Lykke Li” is easily mistaken for foreign music without lyrics in Mandarin.

Unlike other Chinese artists in not looking for a new musical path in the West, singer Ruhan Jia made her debut in the United States with the guidance of the American agency but has not caused much buzz . But some other stars, like Wang Lee Hom, have achieved much success in the Japanese market.

As Chinese music is increasingly accessible to international audiences, the global music market will be more bustling than ever with epic music parties.

How Music Affects The Brain

Music affects many different areas of the brain, thereby controlling our moods. However, how did music really impact us? Let’s find out through the article below.

Happy and sad music affects our feelings

We can distinguish a happy or sad song, but that’s not just a subjective thought. In fact, happy music or sad music also makes the brain respond objectively in different ways. A study shows that after listening to a short piece of music, the listener determines whether the music is funny or sad depending on the melody they heard before. Cognitive emotions and sensory emotions are two types of emotions that directly relate to one’s feelings about music.

That’s why with emotional feelings, we can still understand the feeling of a piece of music without really feeling it. The two types of musical emotions also explain why some people hear sad music but still feel happy. Moreover, music does not put anyone in real life situations, but we can still feel the author’s emotions. It is like the emotional effect spread when we sympathize with someone who is sad or share happiness with them.

Music can improve creativity

We all like to open exciting melodies while working, right? But when it comes to the need for creativity, loud music doesn’t seem to be the best choice. Listening to sounds at multiple frequencies combined in a moderate way is the golden point of creativity. Music recordings of spatial simulations such as the sound of rain falling in the forest or the sound of waves hitting the ocean will stimulate creative flow in the brain.

Because they increase the ability to handle difficult things that require abstract thinking, the results lead to a higher level of creativity. In other words, when we deal with normal problems with compulsive brain power, more innovative approaches will appear. However, at high noise levels, our creative thinking is weakened by overwhelming brain noise and making us struggle to handle them.

Relationships Between Sport and Music

In the present days, living standards have improved more so the demand for health care and entertainment has also increased. We can see a lot of music and sports playgrounds. However, do you notice whether music and sports are a natural duo?

It is not difficult for you to realize that at stadiums, sports festivals or international sports competitions such as SEA Games, World Cup, NBA and more. Even this is also shown in smaller scales such as gym, yoga, or speakers of aerobic sister parks and even home gyms, etc. Where there is almost no music available probably just the dojo!

Music and sports have appeared for a long time in the form of pre-hunting ceremonies of ancient tribes. Musical forms at that time were very primitive like drums, gongs and more. Later, when they formed antagonistic subjects, they also had musical drums before they started. If you watch historical documentaries, you will recognize them immediately.

Music promotes the human spirit. Vibrant rock music or electronic music makes the “warriors” more enthusiastic. Thus, it helps them achieve better results when competing. Just like drumming in battle, today’s music on the stadiums also signaling fierce fights going on.

When we practice, relaxing music makes our mind calm and suitable for yoga and strong music is suitable for strong sports such as jogging, gym and more. This is a psychological therapy that helps us forget repetitive exercises that are depressing as well as avoid negative thoughts and help us focus more deeply.

In addition, music in sports practice balances emotions and synchronizes movement thanks to the rhythm as well. Another benefit is that music stimulates areas of the brain that control muscles. This is essential for sports practice because we have to use the whole body to perform the coordinated movement. Not only that, music is also a source of motivation because of the strong ability to reduce stress and mental intensity. If you are tired of jogging every day, why not try to play a vibrant song, you will run a lot better.

Grammy’s Rating 2019 is lower than ever

According to the New York Post, the number of viewers for the 2019 Grammy Awards was 19.9 million, a slight increase from last year but still at a record low.
The 61st Grammy Awards ceremony was officially closed on February 10 (local time) in Los Angeles, USA. The biggest planetary music party with artist performances and awards for Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Drake, Kacey Musgraves …

According to the New York Post, the 2019 Grammy viewership on CBS attracted 19.9 million, an increase of about 100,000 compared to 19.8 million in 2018.

However, when considering the age rating of 18-49 years old, this awards ceremony reached 5.6 / 21, down 5% from last year at 5.9 / 21.
Many people believe that although the organizers deliberately invited BTS to save ratings when top stars such as Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Drake or Kendrick Lamar … have refused to participate. But with the above figures, the Grammy has seen a slight increase in viewership than in 2018 but still at a record low.

This is not surprising when the trend of all the major traditional programs in the world has not been as much attentive to the audience as before.
Despite the reputation of being overthrown, there is no denying that the above part helps the program to communicate more strongly. Fortunately, the quality of the program is finally confirmed by a high-class music table and a final result that makes all happy.
The Grammy Award (the first name of Gramophone Awards or simply Grammy) is an award organized by the American National Academy of Arts and Sciences for outstanding achievements in the recording industry. The awards ceremony often has performances by famous artists.

Grammy is considered the most prestigious award in the field of music worldwide, equivalent to an Oscar in film.
Grammy “owner” this year is none other than singer Alicia Keys. Those present at the event were able to see excellent performances from Miley Cyrus, Camila Cabello or the new generation of talented singers Shawn Mendes. Song, Grammy also has a lot of clutter at the stage of organization, conflicts with artists.