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Top 5 wireless headphones 2019 to do gym

It can be said that headphones are one of the great inventions of mankind. It allows us to immerse ourselves in personal space anywhere, with our own music world, even when you take your headphone to gym. What are the impressive wireless headsets of the past 9 months of 2019, let find out in this article.

From the first visuals of Andreas Pavel to a music player with Walkman headphones, from bulky headphones to bluetooth earphones, headphones have come a long way to becoming an essential accessory of life. Modern, especially for those who can’t live without music. After Apple designed the AirPods to take the world by storm, wireless headphones became the new accessory trend of 2019 thanks to a mix of fashion style and superior sound quality. So, where are the best wireless headsets today?

Sony’s wireless earbud features the most advanced noise-sensing technology with dual microphones and HD QN1e noise-canceling processor, which allows you to eliminate ambient noise. Targeting long-distance travelers, the Sony WF-1000XM3 is designed to be worn all day long while still having to take off the headphones. In addition, the headset can connect to Sony’s Headphones Connect app to expand functions such as smart adaptive sound adjustment, automatic activity detection (move, walk or sit in one place) for installation. suitable environmental sounds. Sony WF-1000XM3 has a battery life of up to 32 hours with noise canceling turned off and 24 hours with noise canceling turned on. This wireless headset also has a built-in quick charge function for the case, with just 10 minutes of charging, you have a battery life of up to 90 minutes.

T5 True Wireless is the most advanced product in Klipsch’s new T5 Series of headphones, equipped with a wireless charging box that supports USB-C for up to 32 hours of battery life, designed exactly like a real zippo. . Not only that, we can also open the charger by turning it on like zippo (and also the typical “ting”). The headset is integrated with 4 microphones and cVc (clear voice chat) technology to improve the quality of conversation. The company has chosen to use the oval silicone ear-tip (copyright belongs to Klipsch) so that users can wear it comfortably for a long time. This wireless headset uses Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD connectivity, for the best sound quality, comes with IPX4 water resistance.

3 years after its launch, AirPods have become a symbol of the era of wireless headphones. The 2nd generation received a lot of noticeable improvements, especially in handy wireless charging. The rounded earbuds design remains the same because it helps AirPods to fall harder than other earbuds, and is not uncomfortable for long-term use. Once connected to the iPhone, users can choose to stream music from iPad or MacBook to AirPods without pairing again. This is a unique feature that Apple has because the H1 chip helps AirPods pair with iCloud account instead of each device. The music application will automatically stop when you remove one ear and automatically play when users wear both ears. Receiving / stopping calls can be made via touch buttons on both sides of the ear.

Cuba: An Island of Music

Cuba is at the junction of the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. This country is known for its long history, unique culture and especially vibrant music. Thus, this place has become one of the attractive destinations.

For many tourists, representing Cuban music is the traditional music of Buena Vista Social Club, a dance and music club in the capital Havana or Queen of Salsa who is Celia Cruz, a prominent Cuban singer 20th century Cuban music style is also a blend of music from Africa, the Caribbean, France and Spain, creating many different genres such as Salsa, Son, Hip- hop, etc.

1. Havana Jazz Fusion

Havana is the capital and one of 14 provinces in Cuba. To discover music in Havana, the best place is the concerts of the Interactivo group, the gathering place of Cuban musicians, regardless of gender, age or skin color. Although only using simple instruments such as horns, conga drums and electric guitar, the musicians skillfully combined to create the typical Jazz Fusion melody of Cuba.

2. Rumba of Mantazas

Located in the western part of Cuba, Mantazas province is blessed with beautiful beaches. Mantazas feature Rumba melodies and anecdotes of the Rumba formation of the Mantazas people. Rumba was formed from the workers at Mantazas. They use objects such as forks, wine bottles or drums to create music because they think that music comes from within. The key instrument to make the Rumba is the Clave.

3. Santa Clara Trova

Santa Clara is located in the central area of ​​Villa Clara province. Santa Clara is known for its intense Trova music, which resonates in search of the dark corners of pain and is the traditional pure Cuban music. Trova music is performed as a way of telling stories, be it about Cuban love, life or confession. Trova also carries a bit of poetry that outlines many of the lyrics. The opening of a Trova is Latin Cha Cha or Bossa nova (which is a variation of the Samba rhythm), but eventually an artist with a guitar began to tell his own stories.

4. The Conga of Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the origin of the Conga drum played by the Conga drum which is of African origin and descended from the Congo Makuta drum. The Conga set traditionally consists of three drums: Quinto drums for high elevation, Segundo drums for medium height and Tumbadora drum for low pitch.

5. The Changui Dance of Guantanamo

Changui originated in the early 19th century in Baracoa, eastern part of Guantanamo province. Changui is a combination of Cancion and guitar elements with rhythm and percussion instruments. Therefore, Changui is different from other Cuban genres. It is the forerunner of Son Montuno – the most popular music in Cuba during the 20th century.

Lady Gaga: ‘My next album will be called ADELE’

Recently, the voice of Lady Gaga has made a move that makes people everywhere from “eyes and eyes”. Specifically, on October 1 , the female artist posted a tweet on her Twitter account with extremely “direct” and confusing content that was: “I am decided to name the next album ADELE “.

Immediately, the netizen community surfed with a series of mixed opinions. Most were extremely shocked and besides that there were also quite extreme comments that Gaga used the name of “pet chicken” Grammy to promote his next product. This action of the owner of Bad Romance has become the focus of the entertainment industry today

It is known that rumors about the launch of LG6 have been aroused a long time ago. In an interview in August 2017, Lady Gaga revealed that she has been “putting all her energy” into her sixth brainchild and even shared that: “You will soon be Enjoy it. ”In addition, there is an extremely prominent event that she changed the background image as well as her avatar into a set of two main notes: Son Elders and Luo Major (combined) into a female artist’s name: GAGA).

The avatar has also changed, the sharing has also revealed, now the name of the new album is no longer in the dark, just missing the last important detail that is the release date of the LG6 masterpiece. It looks like Lady Gaga is ready to return and sweep the Hollywood playground …

There has been no official response from Lady Gaga or Adele about this unexpected move. However, with the name of the mysterious cause, it seems that two talented female artists have been “cooking” a product and waiting for the “oven” date. If this were true, the outcome of the actual cooperation would not have been predicted how “terrible” it would be …

Will the monster and the British artist give birth to a more legendary collaboration than the solo songs that both have achieved before?

Make the Wave: Samsung’s Music Campaign at 2019 FINA World Championships

The “Make the Wave” campaign is organized to encourage athletes and inspire fans with music to convey the message beyond themselves and overcome challenges.

Samsung Electronics, the main sponsor of the 18th FINA World Championships in Gwangju 2019, launched the “Make the Wave” campaign to cheer athletes and inspire the players. Fans through music, based on the motto “Creating the impossible”.

Samsung has appointed Simone Manuel as the ambassador for this year’s campaign, to encourage sports fans around the world to share music through the media. Simone Manuel won gold and set an Olympic record for women’s 100m freestyle swimming at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. As Samsung’s ambassador for the event, she will share a message of encouragement and discuss crossing boundaries without losing hope amid adversity, as well as talking about inspirational songs and music. inspired and helped her achieve high results.

As part of the campaign, there will be special events for swimmers yearning to win in Gwangju. Students will have the opportunity to accompany the players at the water polo finals. Here they will meet Kim Se-jin, a famous swimmer and a member of the Korean national swim team.

Samsung has prepared a 255-square-meter experience area at the athletes’ residence, so they can interact with each other through uniform trading, birthday parties and a letter-writing event. French Republic. In addition, there is the opportunity to experience the latest Samsung products.

Younghee Lee, Global Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics, shared the purpose of this campaign to spread the heat of the competition with many marketing activities. In addition, to share the stories of swimmers who have challenged themselves to achieve their dreams and also to encourage each other with music with the motto “Create the impossible”.
Simone Manuel expressed his pleasure to be able to share his stories and songs by participating in the “Make the Wave” campaign. She hopes that all swimmers will complete this competition without any regrets and sports fans will be enthusiastically cheering.

The voice represents Young Pop

Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes and Troye Sivan do not share the same path but right now they have similarities: the ability to compose, form and number of fans is equal. Puth’s Voicenotes, Shawn Mendes, and Sivan’s Bloom are all personal albums.

All three have to wait for the second and third when they become famous names in the international music world, to assert themselves. Charlie Puth is famous worldwide for See You Again, Shawn Mendes is the image of a pop star with both talent and talent while Troye Sivan gradually comes out of the light, out of the gentle cover.

Voicenotes, Shawn Mendes or Bloom all have a chance at the upcoming Grammy when the nomination list is announced this week, December 5. All three albums labeled Pop mixed with many other genres, quite easy to hear because of the trendy and more likely to compete in the category of Male Pop Album.

In general, Bloom of Troye Sivan is strong in concept (concept) with shaping bearing the fashion trend of the golden era in the 50-60 centuries ago. Bloom also throughout the storytelling, dividing the song even though it is not outside the topic of love. Troye Sivan himself is openly sexually, and is one of the clear evidence for the # 20gayteen movement.

Voicenotes is strong in music production because Charlie Puth himself has the ability to compose and harmonize. However, although strong, but Puth is nothing compared to the giant trees of the production world like Max Martin or Dr. Dre … and the biggest weakness of this album is the content is quite shallow.

Shawn Mendes seems to be the sum of the two albums, not too high on the ego but not superficial. Compared to his friend Charlie Puth who was quite noisy, Mendes walked slowly but surely.

Ekip behind Shawn Mendes is quite powerful and all “darlings” of the US media such as John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Khalid … it is this factor that helps the music tracks in the album have enough quality and at the same time create Plus for Mendes when he entered the American music industry – where he won many awards in 2018.

Facts about Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Senorita Song

Senorita – the couple’s latest hits Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are currently hot on music charts big and small. And after two months of release, some facts about the song have just been revealed.

One of the co-composers of the hit song Senorita Andrew Watt has just had some sharing about this song. It is known that the song was composed by 8 musicians (including Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello) and it took more than 15 months to complete it.

Andrew Watt shared that he sent the chorus to Shawn Mendes and told him that this would be a great duet. So he told him right away that the only person Shawn could sing with was Camila. At that time Andrew Watt was also excited ‘God, that would be great’. And then they started recording the version with only Shawn Mendes singing. The frame of the song must be collected for a long time. After that, Shawn Mendes started talking and planning with Camila.

Until now, Senorita has not cooled down yet and is staying in third place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Will the 15-month investment hit be hot on the music map?

Recently, singer Shawn Mendes fully uploaded the training process for MV Senorita on YouTube. Earlier, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes also revealed some behind-the-scenes scenes that inspire fans.

The 3-minute video showed Mendes and Cabello’s emotional training images in a studio. Some rehearsal scenes are like the scenes they shared before, however, the music of the new clip is replaced with the whole song Senorita.

The high-quality Latin music of this song is also appreciated. The MV content is set on a hot day in Miami, Shawn finds Camila in a romantic evening. After that random meeting, the couple fell in love.

After this musical project, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have dating rumors. Although always denying just being friends, the camera hunts kept capturing the love moments between public places of both.

Benefit from music to sports

Over the last many years, advancements in technology have allowed music to grow into being an effective intervention to attain quite a number appropriate psychological and performance effects among athletes. Researcher in the subject of songs in game and exercise, Dr Costas Karageorghis has often explored the psychological, psychophysical, psychophysiological, and ergogenic outcomes of song:
The psychological consequences consult with how tune influences mood, have an effect on, emotion, attitudes, cognition and behaviour.
The psychophysical effects of tune contain sensory responses to physiological approaches. In music associated studies, this includes the perceptions of bodily effort and is most customarily measured thru the rankings of perceived exertion (RPE) scale.

The psychophysiological consequences of song relate to the have an effect on of song on quite a number physiological elements, along with heart fee and breathing rate.
Song exerts an ergogenic effect when it improves physical overall performance by using either delaying fatigue or growing work capability. This often consequences in higher than expected ranges of patience, electricity, productivity, or electricity.
In assist of theoretical research, many famous athletes have been visible the usage of music to beautify their performance. as an example, the yankee swimmer Michael Phelps, who gained 7 gold medals and set five international data at the 2007 FINA International Championships, reportedly listened to hip-hop track before his races so that you can get targeted and psyched up . This involved narrowing his attention to attention on rapper Lil’ Wayne’s lyrics “Yes, I’m the best, and no I ain’t high-quality, I’m exact I recognise the game like I’m reffing it”
When accompanying training and workout routines with tune, researchers have recommended assembling a large choice of acquainted tracks that meet the subsequent six standards so that you can obtain advantages to performance:
(a) Sturdy, energising rhythm; (b) fantastic lyrics having associations with motion (e.g., “I’m gonna make you sweat” by way of Snoop Dogg); (c) rhythmic sample well matched to motion styles of the athletic pastime; (d) uplifting melodies and harmonies; (e) institutions with game, workout, triumph, or overcoming adversity (e.g.. Heather Small’s ‘Proud’, used within the London 2012 Olympic bid); and (f) a musical fashion or idiom suited to an athlete’s taste and cultural upbringing. Pick out tracks with exceptional tempi, to coincide with change low-, medium-, and high-depth education.
Studies has shown that song may be handiest when played on the point when workers reach a plateau in paintings output.

While devising your own music playlist for training, it’s far essential to take into consideration the kind of attitude you need to attain for a particular workout. as an instance, British rowing Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell, used the continual rhythms of the crimson warm Chili Peppers in the course of training and his pre-event ordinary. consequently, in case your actions are regular and rhythmic, the track ought to not have fluctuations in temp; instead, it must parallel the velocity of your own moves. as an example, in case you are warming up on a gym bike at a tempo of approximately 65 rmp, business dance song, normally within the variety of a hundred and twenty to a hundred thirty bmp, is ideal as you can take 1/2 a pedal revolution to each beat of the music (Karageorghis & Terry, 2011).

Top 5 Most Popular Streaming Applications in 2019

Currently music streaming services are gradually gaining popularity and becoming indispensable for music lovers. Here are 5 of the best and most popular music streaming applications in 2019 to provide a more comprehensive view for users to easily find the best application for themselves.


Can say Spotify is the pioneering and most popular streaming application today. In addition to providing a number of weekly music playback services and continually testing new services like Australia-only Stations, it also integrates with Facebook to make music sharing easier than Other music streaming applications. You can send a song or album, a playlist to your friends to listen to or you can see what your friends have heard on Facebook.

Apple Music

Although there were some problems at the beginning, Apple Music quickly developed and became one of the most popular streaming music services. This app offers many features and many discount options for groups of family or student customers. In addition, the application also has many good playlists created by musicians or music experts. But the application still lacks sharing like Spotify.


Owned by hip-hop tycoon Jay Z, Tidal is an online music streaming service that provides lossless streaming with sound quality similar to or better than CDs. If you are an audiophile, a R&B or Hiphop music lover, then Tidal is the perfect choice.


This is a high quality streaming music service but is often overlooked by many people in search because it is not too prominent. Basically, Qobuz is from France, founded in 2007. The interesting point of Qobuz is that it allows users to download music to their phones in addition to providing music online.

Google Play Music

This application acts as an online music streaming service and is a place to store music. The application allows you to store and stream entire music libraries (up to 50,000 songs), as well as stream any of the 30 million songs in the catalog. The outstanding feature of Google Play Music is Radio with endless playlists and regular new music updates.

Summer music festival: A time of passion

In the summer, adventures suddenly come. On the journey to discover new lands, sometimes, music is a companion, sometimes a destination. Music festivals such as a magnet attracting all “believers” in the world refer to a relationship, every year, every year is as passionate as any year. There are thousands of summer music festivals in the world, especially big festivals like Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Okeechobee … people have to buy tickets early until half a year to be sure to participate.
The outsider looked at why some people had to go halfway around the Earth just to mingle with a hysterical crowd, dance and scream incessantly in ear-splitting music. But life is very balanced, there are people who like to stay at home reading, listening to music without words, then there must be people who like to step outside, enjoy the great sound and break all the distance with them. people.

Music has a strange ability to connect. People do not need to talk to each other, do not need to know each other’s name, do not need to come from the same country, just “burn” all their own to follow a music, shouting the name of an artist, that means having the same gu, same hobby, same sympathetic rope; That means people are close to each other from instinct even when they haven’t met.

The heat of the sun (or the limelight) and the heat of hundreds of people make the air thicken, the cells are burned, the blood vessels burst into each bass, but the nerves relax. , cool water-like melodies bath the soul. Everything is put aside, now is the time of music!

Since ancient times, people have gathered together to enjoy music. The phrase “festival” first appeared in English in the middle of the 16th century, originating from the “feast” (party) usually held in the harvest. Music has played an important role at such mass cultural gatherings.

Earlier, from the 6th century BC, Pythian Games in Delphi, Ancient Greece was probably the first example of music-related festivals. Pythian Games, the forerunner of the Olympics, includes performances of dance, art and music, held to honor the god of music Apollo. Celtic and Gaelic cultures held cultural fairs 1000 years ago, named Mods in Scotland and Feis in Ireland, in which lively music-based dance competitions were the main content.

In 1952, Rhode Island held the Newport Jazz Music Festival attracted 13,000 participants and was considered the beginning of a long history of festival culture in the United States. Along with the development of musical genres, summer festivals are also associated with many different political and subcultural events. From Jazz, Pop, Rock, EDM … to hippie or indie sounds, music festivals can please all believers, while marking the prevailing trends of the era.

Why do music festivals usually take place in the summer? If in the past, this was a respite after the Winter-Spring harvest, nowadays, Summer is associated with trips. Summer is a great time to organize outdoor activities. After a gloomy winter and lazy Spring, after heavy snow and persistent drizzles, one must go to the mountains to the sea, plunge into the crowd on sunny days, wearing clothes It’s cool to enjoy this youthful atmosphere.

Music festivals are not only a place for artists to show their talents in front of audiences around the world but also a combination of many activities: camping, food, art exhibitions, cultural exchanges, Light shows, team games, pool parties … take place over many days, over a large area of ​​thousands of square meters. All create a vibrant, bustling space, blazing with passion and full of life that many people want to experience once in their lives.

Music That Figure Skaters Brings to Olympics 2018

The change in background music in the figure skating sections at the 2018 Winter Olympics once made the public particularly excited. Many figure skating athletes choose hit songs to perform as background music.

International Skating Union has adjusted the rules to allow figure skates to perform with music for the first time in the history of Winter Olympics. Thanks to this change, this year’s Olympic Games Pyeongchang athletes will have the opportunity to show the movements on the music chosen by themselves.

While casual skaters have used vocal music since the late 1990s, figure skating boys and girls are still limited in the context of nonverbal music. Therefore, bringing music with words into this subject is considered a fair decision, which marks the change towards the younger audience.

Canadian athlete Eric Radford shared with Billboard that this decision allowed athletes to have more choices. This is something that has never been before. That is probably one of the most important decisions for an athlete.

Here are some examples. French contestant Mae Berenice Meite uses Beyonce’s song “Run The World” and “Halo” in her contest. The host Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin from the host nation of Korea performed the super-hit music contest “Despacito”. And France’s Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès perform the contest on Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain” music.

According to Amazon data, the amount of streaming of some old songs suddenly spiked because they appeared in the arts slide contest at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Amazon’s representative said the movie Moulin Rouge or Coldplay Their songs achieved an impressive amount of streaming over the past few days. Moulin Rouge soundtrack helped a couple of athletes from Canada win a gold medal this year.

It can be said that figure skating is now not only a sporting event but also a spectacular, diverse and colorful music show. There, the audience can find the once-glorious songs, from the thorny rock songs of the 90s to the deep pop songs of the 2000s.