A Deaf Girl Became The Voice US 2019

The victory of the deaf girl Maelyn Jarmon at The Voice US 2019 pleases the audience. She received $ 100,000 in cash and other valuable prizes.

The Voice of America Finals took place on May 21 (local time) as the competition of the four most outstanding candidates of the season. With overwhelming votes, Maelyn Jarmon came from Texas. The remaining positions belong to Gyth Rigdon, Detex Roberts, and Andrew Sevener respectively. The reward of the 26-year-old girl is $ 100,000 in cash and a recording contract with Universal Music. Sharing before the press, she was moved to say that she owed her friends a lot. Her success today thanks to their efforts.

With this achievement, Maelyn Jarmon brought the first victory for singer John Legend as a coach. At the same time, she became the first deaf candidate to be crowned The Voice American program. On the final night of the contest, Jarmon performed his powerful vocals through the song Wait For You, Unforgettable and Hallelujah. The emotion-rich voice with high-pitched professional notes helped her conquer the hearts of the audience.

Maelyn Jarmon was born in Frisco, Texas. At the age of 2, she placed a plastic object in her ear that caused puncture of the atrium. According to the doctor’s conclusions, Jarmon is deaf in his left ear and his right ear is about 80%. However, that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her passion for music. Jarmon began studying singing at the age of 13 and moved with his family to New York four years later to perform on Broadway. She claimed that deafness is her superpower.

The 16th season of The Voice US aired NBC channel from February 25, attracting thousands of students to register for the contest to show their singing talents. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend are coaches of the season.