3 Popular Football Cheering Song

In the history of the World Cup and EURO, there are many songs that echo on the days of “eating football, sleeping football” that have intoxicated people and deeply recorded in fans’ memories.

1. A special kind of hero – Stephanie Lawrence

A special kind of hero is the theme song for the 13th World Championship, held in Mexico in 1986, performed by the stage musical actress Stephanie Lawrence. The song has a skin tone, like the words of the heart about a special hero character, the hero of football.

Today, the only source that can find the original recording of a special kind of hero is in the movie Hero: The official FIFA film of the 1986 World Cup. It’s a 86-minute documentary that captures the World Cup 86 moments, the most prominent being the golden boy Diego Maradona, who has taken Argentina to the championship.

2. Un’estate italiana – Gianna Nannini and Edoardo Bennato
Un’estate italiana is the official song of the 1990 World Cup held in Italy. The song also has another English name, To be number one. At its inception, Un’estate italiana has made its mark on many European music charts.

For football fans, Italy Summer is an overly familiar melody, though at that time few people understood the meaning of the lyrics in Italian. The lyrics are actually very simple, implying a strong desire to win: “Win again and again. Reach to a higher level in the sky of Italy”. This heroic tone has been accompanied by generations of generations when the World Cup season returns.

3. La copa de la vida – The cup of life – Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin is an unnamed Puerto Rican singer before suddenly emerging with The Cup of Life in the race to become the official song for the 1998 World Cup. After being hit all over the world with the song “go go go, ale ale ale”, Ricky Martin also flashed into a famous Latin music singer.

Although not performed at the opening ceremony, The Cup of Life is better known than the main song La cour des grands by two French singers Yousso N’Dour and Axel Red. Not La cour des grands is not good, but the song of the handsome gay guy Ricky Martin is too suitable for the lively cheerful atmosphere on the bridge.