Epic Skater XL Soundtrack Revealed

Skater XL wanted their songs to reflect that they take pride in giving players unparalleled freedom in expression while skateboarding. Each band was chosen thanks to their sound blending well with the gameplay and street vibe.

The announced list of artists on the soundtrack include:

  • Animal Collective: Animal Collective has been making music for 15 years with 10 studio records and three live records. Their music is the combination between a love of sonic free form electronic horror gospel and hip hop soul pop madness.
  • Modest Mouse: Formed in the mid of 1990s, Modest Mouse are most famous for their platinum-selling album Good News for People Who Love Bad News. They became a hit with the punk-inspired rawness and lo-fi post-rock sound.
  • Band of Horses: Band of Horses is an indie rock band that was created from the 2000s. The band has a woodsy midtempo rock feel and are most famous for the album Everything All the Time.
  • Interpol: Emerged in the early 2000s, this indie rock band has helped to kick-start post-punk.
  • Future Islands: Known for inserting cookie monster vocals into electropop songs during their live performances, Future Islandsgot their start in 2003 while they were attending East Carolina University’s art program.
  • Getter: Getter is one of Tanner Petulla’s projects. Their music features rhythmic baselines.
  • Silversun Pickups: Debuted in 2005 in Los Angeles, Silversun Pickups is an alternative rock band. Their most favorite song is Swoon released in 2009.
  • Built To Spill: Built To Spill was one of the most famous indie rock bands of the 1990s. Their music is a middle ground between postmodern, loose jamming, and Pavement-style pop.
  • Starheadbody: Established by professional skateboarder Evan Smith, Starheadbody is a music collective featuring experimental compositions.
  • Cende: Starting playing together in 2013, this trio became widely known as an indie rock band delivering power pop.
  • Kratos Himself: Kratos Himself is famous for moody soundscapes inspired by his homeland’s forest and countrysides.
  • The Shivas: The Shivas is widely known for their explosive live shows dissolving the barrier between the artists and the audience.
  • Westkust: Westkust is a Swedish indie pop band featuring yearning vocals and swirling melodies.

COVID-19 stops the music for obon

The local summertime tradition of the bon dance in Japan, with its crowds of people eating chow fun and shave ice and talking story while watching dancers move rhythmically to the beat of the taiko drum, will be missing this year because of COVID-19.

With outdoor gatherings limited to 100 people and social distancing rules still in place, Buddhist temples that hold the obon festivals — traditionally a time to remember ancestors who have passed — say there will be no dancing, no large temple gatherings and no walk-up food sales, which can attract hordes of people waiting in line.

The festivals are also fundraisers for the temples and related organizations, such as judo clubs and Scouting programs.

It’s the same at Makawao Hongwanji, where the Rev. Kerry Kiyohara of Makawao Hongwanji Mission said he cut his cable TV subscription to save money, noting he doesn’t watch TV anyway. Electricity use is also down, thankfully, since there have not been many gatherings at the temple.

With obon canceled, Kiyohara said affiliate organizations, such as the Scouts and the Judo Club, will miss out on the opportunity to raise funds this year, though donations can be made to those groups via makawaohongwanji.org.

But the real hit to the Makawao temple is the loss of its annual garage sale that happens on the Fourth of July weekend along with the annual Makawao Rodeo and parade. Those events have been canceled due to the pandemic.

Kitagawa’s Wailuku temple is also thinking about food sales to coincide with its family services in August.

While there will be no dancing or socializing, temples across Maui will still hold services associated with obon. They are called Hatsubon memorial services and are for families who are marking the first obon since the passing of a loved one. The ceremony has special meaning in the Jodo Shinshu tradition and normally precedes the dancing at temples.

Makawao, Kahului and Wailuku Hongwanji, as well as Kahului, Lahaina and Wailuku Jodo Missions and Paia Mantokuji Soto Zen Mission all plan to have Hatsubon services for families.

Members should check with their temple on times as well as whether services will be livestreamed online or if private in-person services will be available.

Wailuku Hongwanji minister, the Rev. Shinkai Murakami, said he will stagger times at his mission to allow the Hatsubon services to meet social distancing guidelines.

Sony’s gaming and music struggles see sentiment take a nosedive

From Evolution to Revolution

Sentiment towards Sony has taken a nosedive during the first quarter of 2020, with ongoing struggles in its music and gaming behind the decline.

According to data and analyst firm GlobalData, erosion of margins due to lockdowns, production halts and procurement struggles have resulted in a decline in Sony’s sentiments in Q1, ended 31 March.

According to GlobalData’s Filing Analytics Platform, Sony’s earnings transcript sentiment score declined by more than 50% in Q1 2020 compared to the fourth (Q4) quarter of 2019.

Sony‘s sentiments were hit due to net income decline, supply chain disruptions, and store closures, the analyst firm says. In Q1 2020, the company’s revenue fell by more than 25% compared to the previous quarter, while net income plunged by more than 90%.

Margins were affected due to revenue drops in the gaming, music, and electronics product segments. Interestingly, during the quarter, the gaming segment was affected by a decline in Playstation4 (PS4) hardware and game software sales despite COVID-19 lockdowns causing a surge in gaming. The company faced supply chain issues for PS4 components during the quarter. Yet, its inventory was able to meet the short-term demand. According to Sony, the lack of new titles also caused slump in the gaming segment.

The report shows component shortages also affected Sony’s consumer electronics business. Lower inventories forced the company to shut down its factories in mid-March 2020. Currently, the factories have resumed partial operations but are unable to meet the overall demand. The company also expects more losses in the electronics segment during the year, GlobalData says.

The music segment was also drastically affected by lockdown driven impact on recording and licensing activities, CD sales, ticketing, and merchandising revenues, according to the report. Sony has seen a minimal impact of the COVID-19 on the US music segment due to moderately imposed lockdowns. In Germany and Japan, stringent lockdowns caused greater slump in the music segment.

GlobalData’s Company Filing Analytics platform scans filing documents and earning transcripts of companies to find crucial trends/themes and provides meaningful insights. It also provides sentiment analysis across sectors and companies by analyzing analyst and management sentiments; and generates sentiment score by tagging words (or a combination of words) in the documents as positive or negative.

The Top Ten Health Benefits of Music

Although we need more studies to confirm the health benefits of music, some studies suggest that listening to music can have the top ten positive effects on health below.

·        Improves mood. Studies have shown that listening to music can benefit our overall health, help improve mood, and create relaxation and happiness in daily life.

·        Reduces stress. Listening to music, particularly relaxing music (such as low pitch, slow tempo, and no lyrics) is believed to reduce anxiety and stress in normal people and even in those who are undergoing medical procedures (for example, surgery, colonoscopy, dental).

·        Lessens anxiety. In studies of those who were suffering from cancer, listening to music combined with standard care could help to reduce anxiety compared to those who only received standard care.

·        Improves memory. Studies have shown that the repetitive factors of rhythm and melody help our brains form patterns that can enhance memory. In a study of stroke survivors, music helped them experience more verbal memory, better-focused attention, and less confusion.

·        Eases pain. In studies of patients who were recovering from surgery, those having listened to music before, during, or after surgery had more overall satisfaction and less pain compared with those who did not listen to music.

·        Improves exercise. Research also suggests that listening to music can boost mental and physical stimulation, enhance the aerobic exercise, as well as increase overall performance.

·        Provides comfort. Music has also been used to help enhance coping, communication, and express feelings such as loneliness, anger, and fear in patients who are in end-of-life care and who have a serious illness.

·        Improves cognition. Listening to music can help people with Alzheimer’s recall seemingly lost memories and even maintain some mental abilities.

·        Helps kids with an autism spectrum disorder. Studies of kids with autism spectrum disorder who listened to music showed improvement in communication skills, attention skills, and social responses.

·        Soothes premature babies. Live music and lullabies might impact vital signs, improve sucking patterns and feeding behaviors in premature infants, and might increase prolonged periods of quiet–alert states.

MIDEM 2020 canceled, reboots as digital format due to the spread of coronavirus

The 2020 edition of Midem, Cannes-based music industry conference, which was planned to take place from June 2-5, has been canceled due to the concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

Announcing the news on March 30, the Director of Midem, Alexandre Deniot, said that it’s not possible for the event to take place as planned, given the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and the concerns of the companies for the safety of their people.

Midem’s next edition will take place June 1-4, 2021.

Midem 2020 has been canceled amidst a global lockdown that was imposed by policy makers in an effort to control the spread of Covid-19.

In France, there are more than 40,000 confirmed cases of infection and more than 2,600 dead cases.

Despite the cancelation of the event in Cannes, Midem says that it is going to reboot with a new digital format.

The Midem Digital Edition is scheduled to take place June 2-5, 2020.

The press release announcing the news today said, “Wherever customers are in the world, they will be invited to be part of the Midem Digital Edition.”.

The digital format will contain live-streamed keynote sessions, talks and presentations, and online conversations and speed-meetings between participants as well.

The service’s details will be shared in the coming weeks.

Midem Director Alexandre Deniot said that the situation of the spread of coronavirus is changing daily and the government’s announcements and restrictions are the same.

He added that these are impacting the way we are leading our lives and conducting our business. Given the uncertainty of the coronavirus and companies’ concerns for their people’s safety, it is impossible to hold Midem in June.

Deniot added their team is working very hard to support the industry during this challenging period of time, particularly companies and artists who have been hardest hit and when the unity of global music is more important than ever before.

They are also looking forward to bringing together everyone at Midem 2021 on June 1-4 of next year to celebrate the music industry’s return to healthy growth and the 55th anniversary of Midem.

Finally, on behalf of all the Midem team, he hoped everyone stay strong, stay safe, and stay connected.

Ong Seongwu Shared Thoughts About His Solo Album LAYERS

After Wanna One disband, not focusing much on continuing to sing, former member Ong Seongwu impressed the audience when he encroached on the acting field. The male lead in the school drama Moment at eighteen helped Seongwu become more popular. And recently, the fans were extremely excited when the agency Fangio announced he would release his first solo album. Ong Seongwu has set a time to officially release his first solo album.

In particular, Ong Seongwu has set a time for the official release of his first solo album on March 25, 2020, called Layers. Currently the company and Ong Seongwu are in the final stages to prepare the best debut album for fans.

Ong Seongwu in this album may be a Ong Seongwu that you are familiar with or someone you have never known. However, it will be a Ong Seongwu always steadfastly advancing at his own pace. He uses his own emotions, skillfully putting in his music perfectly. Each class in the mind built LAYERS with songs that followed each other just like that name. With this album, everyone can listen to music and feel a little of the experience and true feelings from Ong Seongwu himself.

Although Ong Seongwu is extremely busy preparing for his solo album, he still perfectly shows the concept in Vogue Korea April 2020. The confident and bold styling that overwhelms the studio.

Ong Seongwu shared with Vogue that this is his solo album. If it does not contain his own story, what is the meaning? He will stand on stage, perform and act alone. There are so many things to keep in mind during the process of finishing this album. Many things happened in the past year, those feelings, and what he felt later. This album he just focused on himself. He did not want to give up even though the process was difficult. It was fortunate to be able to finish it, not sure whether the fans will receive this album.

Music in Electronic Arts’ Basketball Game

EA has just released a list of songs for the upcoming version of the NBA Live 08 basketball game.

The songs featured in the sports game based on the American professional basketball tournament include 19 songs of various periods (with recent hits such as “The Way I Are” and a few songs by artists. old-fashioned, like DJ Jazzy Jeff and KRS-One) and lots of hip-hop to rock genres.

The statement of Steve Schnur, Electronic Arts’ global music promotion director, clearly demonstrates the company’s belief and investment in music in sports games.

He said when it comes to shaping the music for next year, the NBA Live 08 song list is one of the peaks of the music industry. The main goal is still to redefine the world music culture and help them shape the future through one of the most notable sports games around the world today. At the same time, he said that the music segment really made a mark in this basketball sports game series.

Will music really elevate the level of a game? This also depends on many factors. But for now, you can see a list of the songs included in NBA Live 08 right below. The game appeared on October 31, 2007 on all gaming consoles. NBA Live 08 basketball game has received a lot of attention and achieved certain achievements. Until now, it is still considered one of the most popular basketball games today.

Specifically, the list of songs in the game at the time included:

  • Aasim – Customer
  • Datarock – Fa-Fa-Fa
  • Cool Kids – 88
  • The Dey – Get the Feeling
  • DJ Vadim ft. Emo and Syrus – Fear Feats
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. CL Smooth – All I Know
  • Dub Pistols ft. Terry Hall – Running From the Thoughts
  • The Hives – Well Alright
  • Eve – Tambourine
  • Kid Beyond – Mothership
  • LCD Soundsystem – Us v Them
  • KRS-One & Marley Marl – Hip Hop Lives
  • Stephen Marley – Hey Baby
  • Mr. J. Medeiros – Silent Earth (Ohmega Watts Remix)
  • Kevin Michael ft. Wyclef Jean – It Don’t Make Any Difference
  • Joss Stone – Tell Me ‘Bout It
  • Mark Ronson ft. Tiggers – Toxic
  • UnkleJam – Love Ya
  • Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson – The Way I Are

The Biggest Budget K-Pop MVs

Kpop is not lacking of expensive-invested MVs for music and image quality.

Devil (Super Junior): The MV for Super Junior’s Devil song is built with an action concept, performed in various contexts. The cost of the video falls to $ 300,000. The members used big bikes, held guns, performed luxurious dance moves, showing the level of visual investment of the SM boy group.

Come Back Home (2NE1): In the MV, member Dara plays a young girl with a gloomy relationship with a man. CL walked the streets with rebellion mixed with loneliness. The two members Minzy and Park Bom appeared as lab researchers in a science fiction film. The production cost of Come Back Home is $ 470,000, most of which goes into the special effects, helping the video have a striking sci-fi style compared to other normal Kpop music videos.

One Shot (BAP): The MV is nearly 7 minutes long, invested over a billion Won. The whole process of shooting takes up to 100 hours. The boys had to move to 10 different filming locations in both Korea and the Philippines. The MV One Shot features a giant robot, a spacecraft model, a statue weighing up to 500 kg and a tank.

Destiny (Infinite): Destiny is performed around Los Angeles and Universal Studios in California. The image of Infinite boys is also invested with trendy costumes. MV Destiny cost nearly 900,000 USD.

Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey (T-ara): The group’s two songs have been staged as MVs as two parts of a story, costing about one million dollars per video. Particularly, Cry Cry MV is also one of the longest music videos in Kpop history. The cinematic picture, elaborate choreography makes this product of T-ara impress the public.

Love Song (BIGBANG): Although it is a black and white MV, few people know that BIGBANG has poured a lot of money into Love Song. The group invested in two airport runways at a deserted location to set the scene. Not stopping there, the group also used modern filming equipment at that time for Love Song.

Nominations for “Soundtrack Song” at Oscar 2020

Original songs in the films “Rocketman”, “Toy Story 4”, “Frozen 2” … were nominated for an Oscar 2020, awarded on February 10 in the US.

I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away
Music and lyrics I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away was written by Randy Newman – a famous artist for cultural and political satirical compositions. He is best known for his hilarious songs in Pixar movies. Randy had 22 Oscar nominations and won two “Best Soundtrack Song” awards with If I Didn’t Have You (Monsters, Inc.) and We Belong Together (Toy Story 3).

I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away is a little evangelical (religious music of African American delegations), conveying the message of self-respect. In the movie, the new character Forky – a combination of spoon and fork – is annoying and insists that he is not a toy, cannot integrate with the group. The song plays when cowboy Woody cares about Forky, making Forky more comfortable with the toy world. The song brings positive energy to the viewers. Besides being nominated for “Best Soundtrack Song”, Randy received an additional “Best Soundtrack” nomination for Marriage Story.

(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again – Rocketman

Artist Elton John has a fourth Oscar nomination in his career with the song (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again in his biography of himself – Rocketman.
Elton composed the soundtrack with longtime composer and lyricist Bernie Taupin. The song features the voice of the actor playing Elton – Taron Egerton. Elton shared on Rolling Stone: “My writing and Taron sing very important. I want to have an interpretation of myself in Taron.

Earlier, he received three nominations for Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata – all from The Lion King in 1995. Can You Feel The Love Tonight took home the first Oscar for Elton John.

I’m standing With You – movie Breakthrough

The song from the American drama – Breakthrough – brought home the 11th Academy Award nomination for 63 year old female musician, Diane Warren. She is best known for the Ballad songs, composed for the film. Diane has won an Oscar nomination for Stand Up For Something in Marshall (2018), Til It Happens to You in The Hunting Ground (2015), I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing in the Apocalypse (1993) …

I’m Standing With You by the main actress in the movie – Chrissy Metz – performed. On the Gold Derby site, the 63-year-old musician shared his apprehension when Chrissy said he wanted to sing the soundtrack. After listening to the demo recording, Diane was completely conquered by Chrissy’s powerful and inspirational vocals. The song has romantic lyrics, praising the power of companion, understanding in love, life.

Into The Unknown – Frozen 2 movie

Couples Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez received their third Oscar nominations for Into The Unknown, the animated film Frozen 2. They twice won the Oscar “Best Soundtrack Song” with Let It Go in Frozen (2014) and Remember Me in Coco (2018). On Deadline, Kristen said: “People keep asking us how we can withstand the pressure of writing a song that continues Let It Go’s success. And the directors we are collaborating on immediately say: “Don’t compose like Let It Go. We are building a new story, the same way we did it for the first time, by sharing in-depth the characters and being inspired by the present life.” “.

Idina Menzel – voicing the character of Queen Elsa, and Aurora – 23-year-old Norwegian singer – performing the song. Into The Unknown is like a conversation between Elsa and another voice of herself echoing from afar. Elsa’s mind was most explicit when she was alone, talking to herself.

A record year of turnover for Manchester business Sport and music

Manchester-based VIP hospitality provider, sport and music has today launched its annual turnover figures, revealing revenue has reached £5,000,000 for the primary time in its records.

Compared to remaining year’s results, turnover has multiplied by means of a 135% at some stage in 2019, thanks to a bevy of client wins and new partnership offers with a number of the biggest leisure venues within the world.

Directors at sport and music features this stellar growth to the organization’s 12-year background which has enabled them to accumulate an unrivalled degree of agree with with a big community of clients and venues which include Genting Bet and Manchester Arena.

Sport and music has worked with complete host of customers ranging from Manchester agencies DDC institution and assembly strategies, via to Paddy energy Betfair and SkyBet, to provide corporate hospitality programs to some of the largest occasions of the year consisting of The Championships, Wimbledon, and The Unibet choicest League Darts.

To have fun this boom sport and song are working on constructing up their CSR programme, after already elevating more than £15,000 for Yabba Dabba Doo, a charity devoted to supporting The Christie health facility in Manchester.

David Poulton, dealing with Director at sport and music, said: “We’ve had a excellent year, and exceeded our boom objectives way to the outstanding paintings of the group, and the first-rate manufacturers we’ve been able to paintings with.

“Our boom isn’t simplest excellent for commercial enterprise, but we’re also now capable of simply improve our CSR programme that’s something we’re especially captivated with. Searching in advance into 2020 we’ve plans to aid even greater charities and build up our partnership with Yabba Dabba Doo in addition to definitely help them to reach their dreams over the next few years.”

Presently employing a group of 8 team of workers, game and music became installed in 2008, and has speedy end up one of the main corporate hospitality providers inside the United Kingdom, and around the world. further to its paintings with corporate customers, sport and song additionally secured VIP hospitality tickets and chartered a non-public plane for the Rugby World Cup very last in Japan this 12 months, for a number of non-public customers.

With more than 30 years’ enjoy in activities and hospitality, sport and tune has constructed up an in depth global network of relied on companies, permitting the team to offer a bespoke dealer service to its clients that’s able to supply tickets for any important occasion international.

Dan Seldon, VIP manager at Genting bet, said: “In case you need to offer a actually particular, top rate and memorable enjoy then recreation and song are the organization to touch! Their great team will continually cross above and beyond expectations, which makes all of the distinction.”

A number of the company’s exponential increase may be attributed to an increase in web traffic way to a virtual advertising method which has been applied over the last 365 days, via fellow Manchester business Lightbulb Media. This approach has elevated net traffic by means of 2.5 times from closing 12 months, bringing with it a 5.2-fold increase in online sales 12 months on 12 months.